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Jan is a well know British musicologist who married in Chile in the 70s and since then she had been busy writing about the music of the world. She is very much attached to Chile and Latin-America. Jan is particularly fond of the music of the Inti-illimani and the music of Cuba. She has been a good friend of my family and has done a lot for the culture of Chile in Scotland. She was in Chile when the Pinochet's bloody coup took place and was one of the first people to arrive in Britain from Chile to speak about the atrocities taken place in our country. Jan worked for a while on radio Scotland and invited me a couple of times to appear in her highly successful programme about world music. In 1997 Jan was the Director of the Edinburgh Book Festival and one of the highlight of the festival that year, was a cultural programme to celebrate the works of Pablo Neruda: The Scot poet and Neruda's friend Alastair Reid was a guest speaker, the Oxford academic and Neruda's friend Robert Pring-Mill gave also a talk, the Chilean photographer Luis Poirot presented his photographic book "Pablo Neruda Absence and Presence" and the Chilean Ambassador to Britain Mr Artazar also was invited to give a talk. I was, of course, invited by Jan to sings some songs and kindly to organise a party, in my home, with all the people mentioned above except the Chilean ambassador to Britain.Jan was in Chile in January 2006 and before she left, I asked her if she could see and interview Señora Ofelia Gallardo who had lost her husband, a daughter, a son, a son and a daughter in law at the hand of the Pinochet's terror regime. These people killed by the D.I.N.A., Pinochet's secret police, were my friends except Sra Ofelia's husband. Jan managed also to interview Sra Ofelia's grandson Alberto Rodriguez Gallardo, son of her daughter Catalina and my friend Rolando Rodriguez. Click here to listen, in Spanish to Alberto's testimony. Click here to listen, in Spanish to Sra Ofelia's testimony (part1, part 2).


1984, Inti, Edinburgh's Play House

2004 Alastair Reid's Isla Negra


1997 Edinburgh Book Festival

2004 Alastair Reid's Isla Negra


2004 Leafleat Event at SPL

2004 Programme SPL


An Article of Jan about JIm Sutherland
and mentioning my my name

Luis Poirot Carla Cristi and
Carlos Arredondo



Photographer Luis Poirot


Edinburgh, The Scotsman 1986

Edinburgh, The whole band


Top J. Wiiliams and Jan,below Dave Richarson from the Boys of the Lough

All of us singing boleros at Jan's
home Singing


The Classical guitarist John.
Williams at Jan's home

We are at Jan's Fairley home after the
Inter had played a concert.
Below I with Loro Salinas

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