Clearing up

John Gillies

Ripping black bin-bags from a roll, I wonder vaguely
How many will be needed. Some of his jackets
Are in quite good condition - nearly new, in fact.
The white cap with the Bowling Club insignia
Still in its plastic cover. Best to wrap
The photographs in sweaters for protection.
A hairbrush and a comb, and - curiously -
His bottom denture only. Birthday cards
From Helen and from me. A large-print book
(John Creasey) - doubtless never read. His diary
A catalogue of "Quiet days", relieved
By "Pension day" or "Paid the Council Tax"
Or "Home help called". A lop-eared china dog
Tilts its head inquiringly. It begins to seem
As if four bags may, after all, have been
An over-estimate.

© Carlos Arredondo 2007