Who, like you, is a being like Maria?

Carlos Arredondo

Who, like you, is a being like Maria?
Made pregnant by the gaze of everyone.
Who, like him,
Raised up upon a wall,
receives an embrace, a kiss and behind
and behind
That curtain and that smoke escaping into the air
That leg, that leg,
That silhouette dancing
shatters my eyes in pain-filled stars, disappears into the night.
Who would have said: we have fallen in love with the same woman ?
I in you and you in me and in suffering eternity
I describe what it means to feel and to know how to look at a woman.

Who decides for this shipwrecked being
Dreaming on the breast of the cornfield
Drawing closer to his destiny
Towards that body, - her embrace - her leg.

© Carlos Arredondo 2007