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Fernando Botero

Maestro Fernando Botero was very kind to accept me for an interview some years ago. This was a weird meeting in which I, the interviewer, talk a lot instead of making Mr Botero to talk. (stupid me!) The setting was in a beautiful Italian Piazza around a table in a coffee bar. Unfortunately, when I began to do the interview, it began to rain and not far from where we were sitting, a guy began to do some drilling work ruining in part the sound. What is important, however, is the fact that Maestro Botero was very kind. Also important was that I managed to do, with my wife my smiles and a lot of enthusiasm, an interesting interview with one of the greatest artists from Latin-America the Colombian painter and sculptor Fernado Botero.
The interview (in Spanish):


BBC NEWS (Newsnight- a programme about Botero)


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