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I never belonged to any particular political party. However, the Chile of the 1970s requested its working classes to become involved in changing the political system that had governed our country. We had a capitalist system which had tended to benefit American multinationals, operating in the exploitation of our rich copper mines, and a few families known in Chile as “the owners of Chile”.  I was twenty four when I decided to support a new political system based on socialist ideas and ideals that could benefit the working classes of which I was one.

As I was a worker, without a nice future to look forward to, I responded to this legitimate call from socialist president Salvador Allende to support him. But instead of joining a political party, I decided to join a Catholic worker organization called “Juventud Obrera Catolica. (JOC). This catholic organization helped me to develop a political awareness about my condition as a guitar factory worker in the context of very extraordinary times in the history of Chile.

Salvador Allende

Below: my six years contributions towards my pension. "Libreta de Seguro"

JOC provided me with basic political education that I need as a worker. Many of its members were politicized people with socialist ideals and strong followers of the Liberation Theology.

All of this to say that my work has been carried out thinking of these "jocista" people above, who were my friends and tragically lost their lives at the hand of the Pinochet's bloody Regime. They fought for freedom and democracy in our country. They were a bunch of beautiful people. I work in their name. I learned that my guitar, my voice and a bit of commitment was enough for me to keep their memories high.

Below the song I wrote about the Liberation Theology

La contribucion (Edinb. 1986)
This song celebrates the changing role of the church in Latin America under the influence of the 'Theology of Liberation', exemplified by such figures as Dom Helder Camara in Brazil, Archbishop Romero in El Salvador, and . Ernesto Cardenal in Nicaragua



  Carlos Arredondo, Carlos, Arredondo, Chile, Scotland, music, poetry, culture, Latin America