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This is my second album and it was produced again, and beautifully, by my friend Jim Sutherland. I financed it and to my regret it never got a proper release. This album, in my view, is very rich in term of sounds, rhythms and themes. In some of the tracks I am accompanied by very accomplished musicians from the world of jazz, folk and classical music given the whole album a unique atmosphere full of musical contrasts.

Tragicosmicas' represents my personal cosmos of thoughts born in the light of happy and tragic situations in our mundane life. In short, it is a world of fantasy, born of the reality in which we find ourselves. The songs, a swarm of melancholy and happiness, full of irony and allegory, can be classified as: historical, political, social, envirnonmental and tributes to people like Chico Mendes.

The music and the lyrics of the songs are my own. I wrote many of them specially for the 'Rincon Chileno' ('The Chilean Corner'), a meeting place for the music and poetry that I founded in Edinburgh in 1988. Here I began to discover the great talent of my friend Galvarino Ceron, the Chilean classical guitarist whom I invited to work on this album and whose contribution I appreciate very much.

The musical arrangements of the songs are the fruit of the collective work of Jim Sutherland, Galvarino Ceron and myself, under my 'demanding supervision'.

I would like to thank Giovanna, my Italian wife, for the fundamental role that she played in the realisation of this work.

Chico Mendes
A tribute to one of the greatest Latin American men of the twentieth century, Chico Mendes. This Siringueiro* man was murdered in his native Brazil in 1988, as he tried to prevent the destruction of the Amazonian Rainforest, the lungs of our planet.

Señora María
Maria was a magical name for me, in the Santiago 'barrio' of Yungay where I grew up. This name symbolises the positive attitude and spirit of millions of women in the poor barrios of Latin America in the face of adversity.

Quien Es el Leon

This is an allegorical song about a very special 'high tech lion' who uses his power to frighten the small animals of our world. Unbelievably this metal 'animal', with sinister eyes, is at large and there is no hunter to catch him. Where are the hunters?

Hijos del Silencio

To express myself in the country, as a Latin American singer and songwriter, I have to pay. This fact makes me feel that I am condemned, to be culturally gagged. "We are children of silence, without sound in our words, this virtue is taken away from us, to get lost in the emptiness".

Somos un Oceano

A song to mark the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Colon in my America. "People subjugated by men on horseback: Indian, land and gold, trophies of the conquest. The gold came to Europe, brought by pirates, silver from Bolivia..."

Humanity is so busy creating and destroying things at the same time, that there is no space for us to enjoy what is beautiful and take notice of what is evil around us.

El Pueblito de San Limon

Latin America is Africa. Many of our countries are immensely influenced by African culture. Many black people in our contient are victims of the same kind of apartheid as exists in South Africa. Mandela is a hope for my America too!

El Planeta es mi Pais

I have lived in both hemispheres of the planet and I love what is in it. I know it is in pain, and I would like to help it, but how?


"My tongue is made of metal, my eyes are of crystal, my body is of water, my hair is natural, my clothes have a perfume, neighbours made of paper, my house of chocolate, come to earth in a brothel". I love the tongue!

Tu Pais

What is it that makes all of us feel proud of our countries when sometimes they have given us nothing? Is your country a woman wrapped in a flag? Or is it the funny shape of your country you see on a map? I think we feel proud of our country because it is the place where we receive for the first time the natural feeling of love which comes from the kisses and cuddles of our parents.


  Carlos Arredondo, Carlos, Arredondo, Chile, Scotland, music, poetry, culture, Latin America