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The following links are interesting because they deal with a full day event organised by Glasgow Caledonian University to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Coup in Chile on Saturday 29 November 2003. Several Chileans and several members of the British Solidarity campaign for Chile took part in this event in Glasgow and I was one of them. I was part of a discussion panel during the morning and then at night I gave a concert.

The following is a very important link and relates to the Archives HUB the keeper of the Papers of the Chile Solidarity Campaign held at Labour History Archive and study centre. The collection comprises the working papers of Chile Solidarity Campaign from its foundation in 1973 to it close in 1991. It includes records of local, student and trade union bodies that joined the campaign for Chilean democracy

The following links relates to my own musical activities in Scotland.

El Juez y el General (The Judge and the General) - A very interesting bilingual documentary (Spanish and English) about the judge Juan Guzman and his work consisting of trying hard to bring to justice General Pinochet for violation of human rights during his regime.


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